Comprehensive Tech-Based Support

The Telemedic Network offers a robust, fully-equipped support system for our patients and doctors over email or the phone, all for free. If you’re experiencing difficulties with using the Telemedic App, save yourself time and visit our Knowledge Base to find answers and solutions to all your questions and issues. If the problem still can’t be resolved, contact us through email or speak with one of our dedicated support representatives who will help you troubleshoot the issue. Whether you’re a patient or a partnered doctor, Telemedic’s support system will ensure that both facets of healthcare are running optimally.

Don’t Miss Your Appointment

If you’re having issues setting up your Telemedic patient profile, receiving your notifications for an appointment, or are not able to connect for your telemedicine consultation, we are here for you! Contact our support team right now!

Keep Your Practice Running Smoothly

Our support staff is here to ensure that you’re not missing a step when it comes to your practice. Whether you’re billing a patient, utilizing any of Telemedic’s features, or simply need help on how the Telemedic software system works, our support team will make sure you’re prepared to consult with your patients confidently!